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Our Vision
International Mission

•Restoring children to their parents through counselling and parental classes . Securing Primary School education for children age 3 to 10 years with scholarship to continue education. . Building Play ground centre for the street children who live under the bridge
.Building Playground for children. Playing outside for children is fun, exciting and important for their learning and development. Unfortunately the less privileged children we work with have never had the opportunity to experience a play time outside
. We intend to build a library for children who cannot afford to go to school. A teacher will be place at the library to teach Basic primary English and maths
. We have a charity shop which takes care of the monthly food bank for the elder widows and orphans. People donate their clothes which is sold to help us maintain sustainability, Some donate money to pay for the rent and Staff.

. Anewlife Project (AP) started a food bank called Gift from God (GFG) in November 2022 to cater for school children age 5-10 years old, these children do not have breakfast in the morning, they are sent to school with just biscuits and water and most of the time go to bed with empty stomach. We feed over 600 children in Alimosho local government area, Lagos State where poverty is on the highest. We now intend to run a Monday food bank - breakfast and dinner for 200 Children every Monday

. To Open youth centre for the less privileged and orphans in the community. young people can meet and participate in a variety of activities with a good community spirit. The youth centre will develop their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential.” There will be less crime if a youth can see a better future.
•Setting up short courses that will assist ex-prostitutes gain employment
•To support widows and vulnerable women especially those who have been victims of domestic violence to restore their confidence and self-esteem and support their re-integration into the society to involve them in the decision  making body and elect  leaders to represent the country.
•To provide shelter for prostitutes coming off the street. When they are in the shelter, we will organise basic and vocational skills training - Hairdressing, Catering, Fashion design, Health and Beauty, ICT, Music, Arts, Drama, Dance, ESOL - literacy, etc. - to enhance their employment opportunities.
•To organise skill-based personal development training, workshops, conferences, seminars for sustainable women development initiatives and peace  mediators.
•Provide one-to-one mentoring, career guidance and counselling services to youth and vulnerable people and battered women in the community to build their self-esteem and confidence
•Provide educational, health and sports development projects for youth in the community to build their capacity, promote healthy living and opportunities in life.
•Provide a community drop-in centre for youth and the elderly to promote social cohesion and interaction in the community. Organising a summer and Christmas party for children who are orphans and children living on the street.
•To organise weekly radio talk shows for testimonies of participants in the projects living a new life.

•In October 2017 we introduce the GFG (Gift From God) food bank. Gift from God (GFG) is a monthly food bank for young widows with little children and older widow age 70 and over who can no longer work. We supply 10kg Rice, 10kg Gari and tomatoes for daily consumption. We need your help to reach more families


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