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Our Mission


EBO & ALP UK and Abroad is working with families who are facing hard times in the community to find the love of Christ by sharing the true gospel of Jesus and putting in action James 1:27 and Psalms 41:1-3. 



Across the UK and Abroad, there are a large number of charities working at a local and national level to fight homelessness, eradication of poverty, stop children trafficking and rebuilding our communities. EBO & ALP open our heart of love, Counselling, Food Supply and clothes to 100's of young people on the street and families during the national pandemic and have continued to help people into long-term stability throughout the year.

Our international Charity is working hard to Provide support care and food to rough sleepers protected from the virus by providing emergency accommodation at the mission house.

Homelessness remains a problem in the UK & Abroad and charities are at the forefront of efforts to end it for good.

The vital outreach work that many charities do is often the first contact that people living with homelessness have with support services. 

As for official rough sleeping stats, they show 4,226 people were counted as living on the streets across England in autumn 2019, compared to 405 people in Wales. Scotland doesn’t use the same one-night snapshot counting system but it is estimated just over 700 people bed down on the streets in a single night.

While the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on these figures is still ongoing, charities will continue to be called upon to support people who find themselves facing homelessness as well as campaigning for wider change.

Back to Education


EBO & ALP  offers support to homeless young people and those facing mental, emotional and physical challenges with skills and advice to help them back into education, employment and training. The charity supports more than 100 young people aged 16-25 in London and 250 internationally. Young people are able to stay with Anewlife Project for up to a years with 85 per cent then going on to move into their own homes, reconnect with their families, get their first jobs or go to university.

Though we do not have our own building here in the UK to temporary house our user we however do sign post them to other organisations. 

International Outreach Centre

EBO & ANP long term plan is to open a one to one centre for rehabilitation for young adult coming out of misuse of substances.  It will be an outreach centre where young people can socialise and learn about life. The outreach will organise seminars on drugs, knives and guns crimes. There are less of community club in our communities today hence more crime. Our international project are working hard to build a 32 shelter home for domestic violence victims, ex-street workers and those sleeping rough under the bridge in the street of Africa. In the meanwhile we are working hard to sign post rough sleepers to temporary housing.

Food Bank 

Over the pandemic we have help over 25 homes here in the UK and 150 homes Abroad with monthly food supply and vitamins. We were able

work with 20 older widows every month giving essentials needs for their households

We have continue to drop food at the Lidl store in Abbeywood to reach out to homes who need essential food stuff for their children.. During the Easter period we gave two dozen easter eggs to children homes who have suffered tumour in this pandemic.

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