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About Us

Elohim Believers Outreach

Our vision at Elohim Believers Outreach (EBO) is to blow the trumpet of Salvation. All that Christ is, his love, care and protection over our lives. We pray that God will use us to fulfil mandate here on Earth and to make it to Heaven, To be the mouth piece of Elyon. EBO love to worship and service the Lord in Spirit and in Truth John 4:23-24. It’s our prayer that His Spirit will fully illuminate you on this heaven-bound journey, through every trial and victory. We speak and practice Christ love as part of a daily living.

We believe in the blood of Jesus to save and touch. We believe in the cross the death and resurrection of Jesus. We evangelise the coming and love of Jesus .

At EBO we believe in James 1:27 and Psalms 41:1-3. We count it all joy to be given the opportunity to serve the less privilege in every corner of the world as we preach the gospel.

 Our prayer is that your ministry and home brightly reflects God’s love, joy, help, peace, and goodness. 

We pray that the gift of God will reach you and His protection will be forever your guarantee.


We pray that the Glory of the Lord will glow in you and your household. We pray for an  unlimited peace and love of God to you. We pray that the Lord will use you as His own mouth piece.


Feel free to visit our other department.  You are the beauty of God.  




Anewlife Project

Anewlife Project came into being in 2006 after going to Liberia and Nigeria and seeing the need among vulnerable people. God called me to this work and we have vision to set up food banks, education projects, Youth Activities to promote talents, work with the widows and a shelter for women, who have been on the streets and subjected to domestic violence. Even before this we have made regular ministry trips, combining the gospel and social action projects to help relieve poverty. The basis of our work is found in James 1:27 

The Relationship Counsellor (TRC BLOG)


TRC Counsellors assists people to beat emotional chanllenge and difficulties situation in their lives, from  relationship issues, stress, and medical problems. A few types of counselling may likewise help people adapt to genuine emotional wellness issues like unending tension and despondency, physical disease and injury. Counsellors help individuals to assess themselves, acknowledge duty regarding their activities, and use sound judgement for their future.


The relationship amongst counsellor and client is based on trust and understanding. The counsellor should ask some exceptionally individual inquiries to know how to exhortation you suitably. 

Counselling sections can either be in the workplace condition of outside office environment.


Our motive is to accomplish the best outcome for you and your spouse or you as a person. We are not here to break your relationship but rather where there are extreme mishandle we will approach you to look for more counsel. 

Please visit for appointment 

or Contact us via phone 07448987728

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